Submissions Management


If you are seeking an agent or some form of alternative publishing, Geez and Weeks help develop strategies, then do all the work to create and manage submission materials.


If your strategy includes traditional submissions, the ongoing process requires considerable time and effort. Geez and Weeks provide expertise for any and all phases.


Services include evaluating your book and recommending direct-to-publisher submission or solicitation of agents. We provide lists of vetted targets matched to your needs. We work with you to compose query and cover letters. Non-fiction often requires a book proposal, which needs research and development, writing, and presenting. We can do that, too.


Then we produce the materials, manage mailings, track responses, and fulfill requests.


Stick to writing and building your platform while Geez and Weeks do the legwork.


Present the best possible image.

What We Do

  • Writers: We write novels, short fiction, essays, book collections, how-to, blogs, marketing materials, ransom notes, & more.
  • Writing Experts: Degreed in English & lit, we know the rules & the exceptions, the styles & the common practices.
  • Publishers: We’ve published scores of people’s books, providing services from ghost writing & editing to distribution & marketing.
  • Producers: We do the graphics, video production, animation, and even the street-corner graffiti that make your projects pop.
  • Team Builders: We can do it all, but when a team makes sense, we assemble a crew of the best.
  • Cost-savers: You’re investing in your work, in yourself; we cut costs and bring max value to your publishing plan.
  • Your Team: You have a unique voice, your own style—we build on that so you always put out your best possible work.