Geez and Weeks learn each author’s unique style, then correct the flaws most don’t recognize while preserving the book’s narrative voice.


Typos, misspellings, missing words, format glitches, misplaced elements—these are the gaps between an author’s or book-designer’s carefully crafted product and readers’ wonderfully immersive experience.


Geez and Weeks offer three assets needed for quality proofreading:


  • We boast the expertise to discern what is correct from what is not,


  • We practice the art so thoroughly that very little can get by us, and . . .


  • We are not the author.


Expertise: Our editors are also our proofreaders, people who know grammar, punctuation, syntax, and the correct spelling of the right words. We know the style conventions. Our proofing supports your unique narrative voice. We don’t just look for what appears to be wrong; we find what is wrong.


Practice: We have been editing and proofreading so long that everyday life distracts us. Errors on signs, in television programs, all over periodicals—they command our attention and make us cringe. We want to correct it all, but that will never be possible. What we can do is ensure that you release only books that are pristine. You want to compel readers with your words, not divert their attention with flaws and mistakes.


Not the author: Yes, all authors are responsible for proofing and correcting their work at every stage. Still, when it’s time to release, you want professionals who can look with fresh eyes. You know what you intended to write, so it’s easy to skip past errors and see what you meant. We’ll find the differences between what you meant and what you wrote.


Geez and Weeks will evaluate your product to recommend what it needs. We won’t waste your resources proofing if it still requires editing. We can make corrections in your file or red-mark a hard copy. We can provide a corrections list for your designer/publisher or produce any other documentation you want. Our proofreading fees in US dollars tend to run between a half-cent and a penny a word. You can keep seeking others as good as we are, or you can risk your hard work and reputation to any of the many who aren’t. Test whomever you’re considering with a page or two, even after inserting a few intentional flaws.

Then try Geez and Weeks and count on releasing your best possible work.

What We Do

  • Writers: We write novels, short fiction, essays, book collections, how-to, blogs, marketing materials, ransom notes, & more.
  • Writing Experts: Degreed in English & lit, we know the rules & the exceptions, the styles & the common practices.
  • Publishers: We’ve published scores of people’s books, providing services from ghost writing & editing to distribution & marketing.
  • Producers: We do the graphics, video production, animation, and even the street-corner graffiti that make your projects pop.
  • Team Builders: We can do it all, but when a team makes sense, we assemble a crew of the best.
  • Cost-savers: You’re investing in your work, in yourself; we cut costs and bring max value to your publishing plan.
  • Your Team: You have a unique voice, your own style—we build on that so you always put out your best possible work.