Promotion & Marketing


Geez and Weeks develop promotion plans unique to each author, then delivers both in-house and coordinated outreach to the reading and writing communities.


G & W have managed marketing, merchandising, and production for clients from Fortune 100 companies to part-time granny authors.


We can support and coordinate with your PR firm, or handle your project in-house.


Experience we bring to you includes:


  • Advertising from creative through production and “traffic” placement


  • Press releases and media kits, including dissemination


  • Social-media planning and marketing


  • Image packaging from naming and logo design through backstory and taglining


  • World Wide Web presence and placement


  • Creation of ancillary content, from blurbs to pitches


  • Strategic platform building for experts and pro’s


If we don’t do it, we know good people who do.

Cost-effective is our approach. Quality is our result.

Talk to Geez and Weeks when you need help with your marketing plan.

What We Do

  • Writers: We write novels, short fiction, essays, book collections, how-to, blogs, marketing materials, ransom notes, & more.
  • Writing Experts: Degreed in English & lit, we know the rules & the exceptions, the styles & the common practices.
  • Publishers: We’ve published scores of people’s books, providing services from ghost writing & editing to distribution & marketing.
  • Producers: We do the graphics, video production, animation, and even the street-corner graffiti that make your projects pop.
  • Team Builders: We can do it all, but when a team makes sense, we assemble a crew of the best.
  • Cost-savers: You’re investing in your work, in yourself; we cut costs and bring max value to your publishing plan.
  • Your Team: You have a unique voice, your own style—we build on that so you always put out your best possible work.