From basic line editing for correctness and consistency through extensive copy editing, Geez and Weeks’s experience delivers your best possible content.


We always start by looking at your material. Then we recommend the smartest, most efficient steps toward presenting your best possible book or short. We’ll explain what you can improve without us, then what we can do to help you realize your vision. That can range from basic correction through full developmental reworking. We might find specific problems that need targeted intervention, or recommend a general refinement for correctness and consistency.


We bring many assets to this process, including:


  • We know what’s correct, and we obsessively spot and repair any flaws. From syntax, structure, and grammar down to the lowliest bit of punctuation, we master the rules a long time ago. Other editors come to us with those odd questions about obscure usage.


  • We know the literary conventions, those ever-evolving commonalities in today’s literature. Your work deserves to fit the times and your audience. We’ll show you how.


  • We recognize and understand your narrative voice. You might well be choosing to break some rules for effect. We don’t damage that with unwarranted correctness; we find ways to augment your style so readers hear and feel as you intend.


  • We are consistency mavens. Where you’ve chosen a particular style, spelling, capitalization, reference—whatever—we can’t rest for worrying about it being precisely the same every time it’s used. Well, unless we see a reason to vary it.


  • We know the narrative craft—consistent point-of-view, realistic dialogue, effective description, compelling characterization, etc.—so we look beyond correctness and find ways to enhance quality.


Basic editing costs one or two cents a word, a bit more if your material needs extensive attention. We’ll evaluate, recommend, quote, and plan to make you proud of what you’ve accomplished.

What We Do

  • Writers: We write novels, short fiction, essays, book collections, how-to, blogs, marketing materials, ransom notes, & more.
  • Writing Experts: Degreed in English & lit, we know the rules & the exceptions, the styles & the common practices.
  • Publishers: We’ve published scores of people’s books, providing services from ghost writing & editing to distribution & marketing.
  • Producers: We do the graphics, video production, animation, and even the street-corner graffiti that make your projects pop.
  • Team Builders: We can do it all, but when a team makes sense, we assemble a crew of the best.
  • Cost-savers: You’re investing in your work, in yourself; we cut costs and bring max value to your publishing plan.
  • Your Team: You have a unique voice, your own style—we build on that so you always put out your best possible work.